Cover Story

After years of exploration, researchers have discovered that pushing the limits of nonlinear optics allows them to produce ultra-short XUV laser pulses. more>>


Microspiral Resonators for Integrated Photonics

Microspiral resonators allow for unidirectional lasing and the direct coupling of light to the device’s microcavity—two characteristics that aren’t possible with conventional microresonators. more>>

Adaptive-Focus Lenses

Researchers have recently demonstrated various approaches for constructing practical, compact adaptive-focus lenses. This article summarizes the advantages and drawbacks of each. more>>

A Chaos-Based Approach to Secure Communications

These authors describe a unique approach to safeguarding data transmission over the Internet—by embedding messages within optical chaos. more>>

Hubble’s Final Servicing Mission

Scientists predict that this last round of repairs will finally allow astronomers to realize the full potential of the orbiting telescope. more>>


An elegant optical design from the 17th century could lead to a high-efficiency alternative for computer monitors. more>>

Tiny gold nanoshells—known for their surface plasmonic properties—may someday help guide cancer-seeking heat therapy to its target. more>>

Increasing the spatial resolution of X-ray microscopy. more>>


Global Optics

Optics in Mexico

Optical research in Mexico has come into its own, with active programs in metrology, fiber optics, optical materials, interferometry, and more. more>>

Optical Engineering

The New CIE 127 Standard for LED Measurement

Recently, the CIE has published an updated version of its ubiquitous lighting standard, the CIE 127. Among other things, the new standard refines the technique for measuring total radiant flux and introduces a concept called partial LED flux. more>>

Optics Innovations

Raydiance Inc.: Thinking Big About Short Pulses

The Petaluma, Calif., start-up is taking the ultrashort pulse laser industry toward small, smart technology and big markets. more>>

Policy Matters

Making the Case for Solar Energy

At a recent congressional briefing, research and industry experts described the tremendous potential of solar power as a way to meet the world’s energy needs. more>>

The History of OSA

OSA’s Cumulative Optics Indexes

Before the era of Google, print indexing was its own complicated art and science. Through the efforts of two dedicated volunteers, OSA created several comprehensive—and functional—cumulative indexes of its journal contents. more>>

Conversations in Optics

Our conversation with Anton Zeilinger, quantum mechanics pioneer and FiO keynote speaker. more>>