Cover Story

This article explores the ultrafast electrodynamics of surface plasmon-polariton fields on nanostructured metal-dielectric boundaries, and describes how to make a sensor to measure chemical reactions at a surface by generating spatially... more>>


Photonic Crystal Components: Harnessing the Power of the Photon

Over the past two decades, researchers have worked to understand how to fabricate and use photonic crystal components, structures that can “trap” light. Once scientists can address the remaining challenges—of achieving high fabrication quality and precision and minimizing losses—photonic crystals will be ready to provide the photonic integration technology needed for the next-generation in optical telecommunications. more>>

Micro-Optical Elements for Optical Manipulation

Using micro-optical elements can be an effective, low-cost way to shape laser micro-beams, which are needed for optical trapping and manipulation. This article covers various designs of micro-optical elements that are used to generate the necessary optical vortices within a beam. more>>

Welcome to the Wonderful World of 3D: Introduction, Principles and History (Part 1)

First article of a four-part series. You are invited to explore the wonderful world of three-dimensional imaging. The tour begins with this article, which explains how optics can be used to create 3D illusions. more>>




Optics Grad Students Illuminate Science Education

Through the University of New Mexico’s GK-12 Optics and Photonics Fellows program, graduate-level scientists share their knowledge and experience with primary- and secondary-school students. In the process, they learn a thing or two themselves. more>>

Global Optics

Optics and Photonics in Uruguay

In spite of its small size and developing economy, Uruguay has produced several high quality optics and photonics research groups over the past decade. more>>

Light Touch

Pinhole Glasses

The Internet is rife with sites selling pinhole glasses, but short on reliable information about where they came from and what they can— and cannot—do for vision problems. more>>

Optics Innovations

Story of Semrock Inc.

A company reinvents itself after the telecom bust. more>>

The History of OSA

OSA's Treasurers through the Years

From OSA’s inception in 1916 through 2006—its 90th anniversary year—the Society has had only eight treasurers. They each had their own style and faced unique challenges, but all helped OSA to become the sound operation it is today. more>>

Washington Focus

My Epiphany at a Science Meeting

Scientists must learn to communicate with the faithful more>>