Cover Story

A record number of research groups submitted summaries to “Optics in 2004”: there were 104 submissions this year, representing the work of 414 authors. This was a significant increase over the total of 61 submissions to “Optics in 2003.” more>>


Adaptive Optics

One of the most significant future advances in the study of other solar systems will be the direct imaging detection of planets orbiting other stars by either space-based telescopes or groundbased telescopes equipped with adaptive optics (AO). more>>

Biomedical Optics

We demonstrate highly efficient evanescent-wave detection of fluorophore-labeled biomolecules in submicroliter aqueous samples positioned in the microstructured part of a photonic crystal fiber (PCF). more>>


Self-Rotation of Red Blood Cells in Optical Tweezers: Prospects for High Throughput Malaria Diagnosis. more>>


Fiber Photodetectors Codrawn From Conducting, Semiconducting and Insulating Materials. more>>

Diffractive Optics

Assuming a circularly polarized input field, any scalar transmission function can be replaced by a unique fringe-orientation function without changing the (monochromatic) optical effect. What’s more, by assuming a linearly polarized input field, one can design diffractive beam splitters with 100 percent efficiency, a result that is not possible in the realm of scalar optics. more>>

Fiber Optics

In recent years, a new class of optical fiber that operates by the photonic bandgap (PBG) effect has created great excitement in the optical community. Here we suggest that PBG fibers with low-index contrast can be used to obtain fibers with zero dispersion and a large mode area below 800 nm. more>>


Diffracted Evanescent Wave Model for Enhanced and Suppressed Optical Transmission Through Subwavelength Hole Arrays. more>>

Nonlinear Optics

Here, we summarize the independent observations of vortex-ring lattice solitons by two separate groups. These vortex-ring solitons are generic to nonlinear lattices in two dimensions and are building blocks for more extended and complex wave structures. more>>

Optical Engineering

Development of Polymer Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Flakes for Electro-Optic Applications. more>>

Photonic Structures

Lateral Thinking With Photonic Crystal Fibers more>>


Ince-Gaussian Beams: The Third Family of Eigenmodes of Stable Laser Resonators. more>>

Quantum Optics

Quantum Cryptography Edges Toward Telecom Speeds and Practical Applications. more>>

Semiconductor Optics

Short Fiber Lasers Produce Record Power/Length of 1.33W/cm. more>>

Ultrafast Technology

Compressing Femtosecond Laser Pulses Non-Iteratively. more>>



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