Biomedical Imaging

Simultaneous Imaging Of in SituTissue Structure, Blood-Flow Velocity, Standard Deviation, Birefringence and Stokes Vectors in Human Skin more>>


Electro-Optic Detection of Continuous-Wave Mid-Infrared Radiation more>>

Functional Imaging

Three-Dimensional Imaging of Diffusion Volumes in Silicon Circuits by Use of the Two- Photon Optical-Beam- Induced Current Effect more>>

Imaging Systems

Thin Annulus Aperture Active Imager. more>>


Yoshihiro Sugawara, Oliver B.Wright and Osamu Matsuda more>>

Laser Materials

Semiconductor Quantum-Well Designer Active Materials. more>>

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Laser Optics

Ultrabroadband Quantum Cascade Lasers. more>>


Photon Localization in Resonant Media more>>

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Ultrafast Scanning Tunneling Microscopy more>>

Microstructured Fibers

Delivery of Nanojoule Femtosecond Pulses Through Large-Core Microstructured Fibers more>>

Nonlinear Optics

Honeycomb Pattern Formation by Laser-Beam Filamentation in Atomic Sodium Vapor. more>>

Novel Sources

Extraordinary Transmission of Luminescence Through a Metal Electrode more>>

Optical Communications

Photonic Lattices Induced By Partially Coherent Light more>>

Optical Devices

Enhancement of Spontaneous Emission Rate by Resonant Surface Plasmon Coupling more>>

Optical Engineering

Adiabatic Beam Shaping of Diffuse Light more>>

Optical Materials

Photorefractive Polymers For Real-Time Holography Fabricated by Injection Molding more>>

Optical Wave Fronts

A.A. Ishaaya, G. Machavariani, N. Davidson, E. Hasman and A.A. Friesem more>>

Phase Optics

Formation of Pancharatnam- Berry Phase Optical Elements With Space-Variant Subwavelength Gratings more>>

Photonic Structures

S.W. Koch,T. Stroucken, R. Eichmann, M.Kira and W. Hoyer more>>

Quantum Dots

Anomalous Carrier-Induced Dispersion in Semiconductor Quantum Dots more>>

Singular Optics

Singular Optics With Polychromatic Light. more>>

Terahertz Technology

Coherent and Widely Tunable THz and Millimeter Waves Based on Difference-Frequency Generation in GaSe and ZnGeP2 more>>

Ultrafast Optics

Craig W. Siders, George Rodriguez and Antoinette J.Taylor more>>

Unconventional Imaging

Axi-Vision camera more>>