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The potential capacity of fiberoptic communications has been understood for 30 years; however, only with the introduction of optical amplifiers and wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), the simultaneous transmission of signals at... more>>


Integrated Optical Components for WDM Systems

Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) has arrived. Critical to future system developments are integrated optical components fabricated using silicon optical bench technology. more>>

A 1021 Channel WDM System

Growing demand for bandwidth at distributed locations, such as homes and small businesses, will require systems capable 01 delivering high bandwidths (>10 Mb/s) at affordable costs. Here, we describe an optical system capable of delivering independent 74 Mb/s streams to a very large number 01 users (>1000) using a technique with potentially low per-port costs. more>>

Being Parallel: How Associative Holographic Memories May One Day Deliver Optical Computing

There's more to data storage than storing data: being able to get the right information out when it's needed is crucial. As databases have expanded from thousands of records to millions and from alpha-numeric to multimedia, searching has become a growing problem. Since all the information is stored and accessed serially, finding by their content (rather than their location) can be a long, slow process. more>>


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