Downloading MiKTeX

While much of the business world seems to be adopting a popular word processing product as a "standard" for document generation, the technical world is less convinced. This stems from the prevalence of symbols and equations in technical documents, the difficulties experienced when trying to enter symbols or equations into a document using the popular word processor, and the low quality of the formatted result. One popular solution to this problem is to use TeX or LaTeX. If the OSA version of the ReVTeX style is used, you obtain the additional advantage that the manuscript can be submitted electronically to OSA journals. Wayne Itano described the installation of a public-domain TeX program, emTeX, several years ago (OPN, October 1991, page 42). Revisions of emTeX have continued to roll out, with a recent version exhibiting a graphical user interface (GUI). Another public-domain TeX/LaTeX package called MiKTeX has a GUI previewer. This month we describe the installation of MiKTeX.

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