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Retroreflective Structural Colors

Researchers in China and the U.S. create an inexpensive film that could passively add bright, shifting and attention-grabbing colors to critical road signs and other nighttime displays.

08/12/2019 06:00

Chameleon-Inspired Films for Soft Robotics

“Structural-color films” embedding silica nanospheres move and shift colors in the presence of vapors, with possible implications in camouflage and sensing.

08/02/2019 07:43

Stress Control Yields Inkless Color Printing

Japanese team takes advantage of light-controlled, stress-induced “crazing” in polymer films to create a novel approach for printing 14,000-dpi images.

06/21/2019 07:59

Clear Droplets Produce Iridescent Colors

A previously unexplained form of structural color could be harnessed for color-changing applications such as cosmetics, sensors and adaptive camouflage.

03/07/2019 06:00

Picking Apart an Arachnid Rainbow

Airfoil-shaped nanogratings on the abdomens of tiny spiders enable a spectacular courtship display—and could inspire designs for miniature optical components.

01/08/2018 08:12

Structural Colors in a Heartbeat

A polymer diffraction grating and a microscope provide a means for assessing drugs’ effects on cardiac rhythms.

11/09/2017 08:39

Beetle-Inspired Structural Colors

Researchers develop a low-cost hydrothermal growth technique to fabricate biomimetic, tunable structural colors that could find use in sensors and microelectrodes.

06/21/2017 10:48

The Buttercup’s Functional Optics

A team in the Netherlands investigates the roots and purpose of the flower’s celebrated glossy yellow color.

02/28/2017 07:43

Subwavelength Grooves Reflect Consistent Colors

Researchers have found a way to lock in structural color using sub-wavelength structures.

02/13/2013 13:32