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Optical Feedback

3-D Printing I enjoyed reading Tim Hayes’s article on 3-D printing (OPN, July/August 2013). It was very informative, covering the multidimensional history, technologies and challenges of the emerging field of 3-D printing. However, your article could have been further enriched by including information on relevant conferences and a few references. The Abdus Salam International...

11/01/2013 13:59

Donated Synchrotron Will Further Middle East Cooperation

GLOBAL OPTICS 14 Optics & Photonics News ■ November 2002 One of OSA’s most important roles is to support the international growth of optics and photonics. The global importance of optics is reflected in the fact that one-third of the Society’s members and almost two- thirds of the authors in OSA journals are from outside the United States. OPN’s “Global Optics”...

11/01/2002 00:00

Home Page

October 2003 ■ Optics & Photonics News 7 HOME PAGE OSA Member News Susannah Lehman Willis Lamb Tribute Planned for Annual Meeting O SA HonoraryMember Willis Lamb will be honored during a special session Oct. 7 at OSA’s annual meeting in Tucson, Ariz. The event will feature talks by several of Lamb’s longtime colleagues, friends and former students: Marlan Scully, Richard Fork...

10/01/2003 00:00

Arab Origins of the Discovery of the Refraction of Light

  Ibn al-Haytham Between the 8th and 13th centuries, intellectual activity in the Arab world went through two stages: translations followed by original contributions, both of which enjoyed an official patronage. Ancient science and philosophy that was written in the Sanskrit, Pahlavi, Syriac and Greek languages would have been lost forever had the scholars...

10/01/2007 00:00

Quantum Methods in Light-Beam Optics

Quantum formalisms of the scalar optics of Herrmann von Helmholtz (left) and the wave optics of James Clerk Maxwell (right) can unify the mathematical treatment of beam optics and polarization. For some key systems, the formalisms lead to alternative, expanded beam-optical Hamiltonians with previously underived wavelength-dependent terms. [Wikimedia Commons]The understanding and manipulation of...

12/01/2016 15:11

Better Perovskite Films for LEDs

U.S. researchers create highly efficient perovskite LEDs with the use of self-assembled, nanosized crystallites.

01/25/2017 14:08

Whose Law of Refraction?

When William the Conqueror defeated King Harold at Hastings in 1066, he initiated a series of wars between France and England that would continue for eight centuries. The battles were not just military; some were fought on the cultural, scientific and technological fronts as well. In what might be called the Battle of Snell’s Law (although the French may call it the Battle of...

05/01/2008 00:00


  When Is Science Valid? I read with interest Ken Baldwin’s Viewpoint piece, titled “When Is Science Valid?” (OPN, April 2010). I found myself wholeheartedly agreeing with his initial thesis that “science over the centuries has honed a methodology accepted by society that maximizes the reliability of the information it produces...

07/01/2010 00:00

Orthogonal Polarizers

Glass bowl with retarder transilluminated between orthogonal polarizers showing the retardance introduced by different glass paths. —Samuel F. Pellicori, Pellicori Optical Consulting

10/31/2013 00:00

Orthogonal Polarizers

Glass dish between orthogonal polarizers showing optical retardance introduced by different optical path thicknesses. —Samuel F. Pellicori, Pellicori Optical Consulting

10/31/2013 00:00