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A Different Kind of Eye on the Cosmos

“Nautilus” concept devised by U.S. astronomers and optical scientists would replace costly mirror-based space telescopes with a distributed array based on diffractive optics.

08/09/2019 09:00

Imaging the Whole Human Eye

Researchers at two European universities have combined optical coherence tomography with an electrically tunable lens to make a system for imaging the entire eye at once.

01/24/2018 14:11

Optical Feedback

Ready, Aim, Cross Fire! I read Stephen Wilk’s article on the monocle in the April issue of OPN with great interest. The following sentence caught my attention: “If a person with one corrected eye views objects with both eyes, the brain will coalesce the images in such a way that the clear image appears to be seen by both.” It reminded me of my experience shooting...

06/01/2014 16:57

OSA Today

OSA TODAY Travel Log Students from Linus Secondary School near Nyangana in the Kavango Region, northern Namibia, learn about optics.Optics Road Trip in AfricaIn July, the Laser Research Institute at the University of Stellenbosch Student Chapter took an optics road trip through South Africa and Namibia. They travelled 5,000 km in two weeks, visiting schools and demonstrating laser...

10/01/2010 00:00

FiO+LS 2019

In the November 2019 print issue, OPN presented a two-page photo spread of some memorable moments from the September 2019 FiO+LS Conference in Washington, D.C. Here, we offer a key to the photos included in the print edition.[Enlarge image][Enlarge image]Larry Theran, University of Puerto Rico, USA; María Tripolone, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina; Andrea Sepulveda, Universidad...

11/01/2019 00:05

The Neurology of Eye Movement (Contemporary Neurology Series), 5th Ed.

Recognized as the standard text in the field since its first edition in 1983, this updated tome is an essential resource for anybody doing eye-movement-related applied or clinical research.

11/12/2015 10:31

Educating Entrepreneurs

I believe that OSA can, and should, play an important role supporting entrepreneurship among its members.When I was in graduate school I had my mind set on a career in industry. I wanted to work on research that would directly benefit society. Yet my career ended up taking a very different turn, and I ended up in academia, working on—well, academic researchIt wasn’t until more than...

07/01/2017 09:02