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The Cat's-Eye Effect

A demonstration of the cat’s-eye effect, using a single LED as the light source behind a grid of parallel wires. The setup forms a light stripe due to the reflection of light in each wire. The cat’s-eye effect or chatoyance was explored in our Condensed Matter paper “Jumping sundogs, cat’s eye and ferrofluids,” which includes more information about...

09/07/2020 06:00

Archaeophotonics: Lasers Unveil the Past

Pablo Loza-Alvarez (right) and David Artigas in the lab When people think of archaeology, they often conjure images of adventurers such as Indiana Jones, who spend most of their time searching for mysterious ancient objects. We forget that the main objective in archaeology is to uncover the history hidden behind the objects, in the hope that they can help us understand a small...

07/01/2007 00:00

The Magnetic eye of the iron tiger

Light polarization from a thin film of ferrofluid obtained with the magnetic field of two cylindrical magnets, placed side by side with poles in opposition. The pattern obtained with the experiment is shown in (a) with the small magnet at the bottom. In (b) we can see the simulation of this pattern magnet using the Fresnel–Kirchhoff diffraction theory. More information about this work can...

11/20/2019 06:00

A Different Kind of Eye on the Cosmos

“Nautilus” concept devised by U.S. astronomers and optical scientists would replace costly mirror-based space telescopes with a distributed array based on diffractive optics.

08/09/2019 09:00

Imaging the Whole Human Eye

Researchers at two European universities have combined optical coherence tomography with an electrically tunable lens to make a system for imaging the entire eye at once.

01/24/2018 14:11

Optical Feedback

Ready, Aim, Cross Fire! I read Stephen Wilk’s article on the monocle in the April issue of OPN with great interest. The following sentence caught my attention: “If a person with one corrected eye views objects with both eyes, the brain will coalesce the images in such a way that the clear image appears to be seen by both.” It reminded me of my experience shooting...

06/01/2014 16:57