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Eye Tracking: A Comprehensive Guide to Methods and Measures

The vast development of eye tracking technology in recent years has created a growing interest in monitoring and measuring eye movements.

08/29/2012 12:53

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Honors and Awards David Payne Knighted  OSA Fellow David Payne, director of the Optoelectronics Research Centre at the University of South Hampton, United Kingdom, received a knighthood on the Queen’s New Year honors list. He received the recognition “for services to photonics research and applications,” reflecting his important work in using light for...

03/01/2013 11:05

Hermann von Helmholtz: A 19th Century Renaissance Man

 Portrait of Helmholtz by Ludwig Knaus (1881). If any life exemplifies the value of interdisciplinary education and good mentoring, it is that of Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz. From the time he was a boy, Helmholtz was encouraged to follow his curiosity and to cultivate an appreciation for both science and the arts. The first of five children, he was born on August 31...

03/01/2010 00:00

Retinal Hot Spot Inspires Solar Cell Design

The fovea centralis, Grand Central for the eye’s cone cells, suggests a design for better light trapping in photovoltaics.

03/02/2015 08:52