• Progress in Ultrafast Thin-Disk Lasers

    Molly Moser | 30 September 2019

    An OSA Laser Congress plenary speaker talks about the rapid progress, increasing application areas and next steps for high-average-power ultrafast disk laser systems. read more  

  • Invisible Ink? Just Add Water

    Stewart Wills | 30 September 2019

    Chemists devise reusable “security paper” on which images can be printed invisibly using ordinary H20, recovered using UV light, and erased with heat from a blow dryer. read more  

  • A Tweezer in a Tweezer

    Stewart Wills | 28 September 2019

    Technique combining far-field and near-field optical focusing could provide flexible approach to manipulating subwavelength-scale colloidal particles in fluids. read more  

  • A Quarter-Century of Optical Network Research

    Stewart Wills | 27 September 2019

    The Optical Networks Group at University College London celebrates its 25th anniversary, and looks at some of the questions that will drive future optical-communications research. read more  

  • Quantum Satellite Probes Exotic Space-Time

    Edwin Cartlidge | 25 September 2019

    New data do not support a theory that favors relativity over quantum mechanics. read more  

  • No Moore’s Law in Optics

    Patricia Daukantas | 19 September 2019

    A key member of Microsoft’s AR research team offered a whirlwind tour of the optical components in cutting-edge headsets like the company’s HoloLens mixed-reality smartglasses. read more  

  • Through the Looking Glass

    Molly Moser | 19 September 2019

    A showcase floor demonstration at FiO+LS 2019 allowed attendees to interact with 3-D holographic displays. read more  

  • The Enduring Impact of Two Discoveries

    Molly Moser and Stewart Wills | 19 September 2019

    A two-session symposium at the close of FiO+LS 2019 looked at the long-term scientific influence of optical tweezers and chirped-pulse amplification. read more  

  • Visions of a Quantum Internet

    Stewart Wills | 19 September 2019

    A plenary talk at FiO+LS 2019 dug into the potential, and challenges, in creating a worldwide network of quantum information. read more  

  • The Social Impacts of AR/VR

    Molly Moser | 18 September 2019

    Georgia Tech professor and wearable-computing pioneer Thad Starner spoke about the social implications of augmented reality and related technologies at FiO+LS 2019. read more