11 July 2014—Two German micro- and nanotechnology companies announced a merger this week: Temicon GmbH (Dortmund) and Holotools GmbH (Freiburg) will join forces to expand their product portfolios. The companies plan to operate under the Temicon umbrella, with the brand “Holotools” as their trademark for laser interference lithography. The companies have partnered their complementary technologies over many years, with Temicon developing and manufacturing micro- and nanostructures, tools, parts and stensils, and Holotools manufacturing homogenous nanostructures on large areas via interference lithography. The partnership produced high-tech components in the optical, medical, solar and environmental markets.

In addition to speeding up the time to market of products, the companies expect the merger to drive further market development. Said Volkmar Boerner, managing director of Holotools GmbH and future head of business development at Temicon: “Our two companies are a perfect match at a perfect time.”