June 21, 2013—Lithuanian laser component manufacturer UAB Altechna announced on June 17 that it acquired optical coating company Optida (both Vilnius, Lithuania) for an undisclosed amount. The transaction gives Altechna a major stake in Optida, and will enable Altechna to extend manufacturing capabilities, ensure the production of laser optics with unique dielectric coatings and oversee quality control. The expanded company will also design and develop new products and update their technical facilities.

UAB Altechna, founded in 1996, is a manufacturer and distributor of laser optics, optoelectronics and laser components. The company has 40 employees and is privately owned. In 2013, growth capital fund LitCapital I, a EUR 25 million fund, acquired a minority stake in the company, providing the resources required for rapid growth.

Optida was founded in 1997 and has 20 employees. Before the acquisition, Optida provided optical coatings to Altechna and several other companies.