July 5, 2013—Multinational photosensor manufacturer PHOTONIS Technologies (Merignac, France), announced on July 2 the creation of a new business unit that will focus on research, design, development and manufacturing of low-light digital imaging technologies. The new digital imaging division, to be headquartered in Frisco, Texas (U.S.A.), will be under the PHOTONIS USA umbrella.

PHOTONIS is already known for the design and manufacture of sensors and detectors of photons, electrons and ions. The company claims it is the largest provider of night-vision sensor technology and mass spectrometer detectors. The company’s foray into low-light applications began in 2011 with the introduction of a series of low-light digital sensors and cameras.

“Over the past few years, we have seen increasing customer demand to create digitally-based products that provide portability, connectivity and superior low-light images,” says PHOTONIS president and CEO, Goossen Boers. “Digital imaging is opening new adjacent markets for PHOTONIS in areas such as security, surveillance, unmanned systems and situational awareness.” He added, “We are dedicated to creating new products that support both traditional optical and new digital applications.”

PHOTONIS Digital Imaging will be managed by Gregory Bell, president and CEO of the pre-existing U.S. divisions, which design and manufacture a range of power tubes, custom and standard components and assemblies for instruments in applications including mass spectroscopy, digital imaging and medical, among others. Bell notes, “The creation of a new, dedicated business unit allows us to draw on the expertise of the entire company and yet focus the product development in the new, digital marketplace with innovative applications and product offerings with the highest performing collection of low-light solutions.”