August 17, 2012—The Laser Division of GSI Group (Bedford, Mass., U.S.A.) has rebranded as JK Lasers (Rugby, England). A GSI Group subsidiary, JK Lasers marks its 40th anniversary this year as a developer and manufacturer of Nd:YAG and fiber lasers for industrial applications such as welding, cutting and drilling.

In 1982, Lumonics of Canada acquired JK Lasers to form one of the largest laser companies in the world. During this time, the company developed and installed the world’s first fiber-optic delivery system on a solid-state laser.

Lumonics merged with General Scanning Incorporated (GSI) in 1999 to form GSI Lumonics. Following the sale of the Lumonics brand, the laser segment of the business changed its name to the GSI Group Laser Division. Retaining the same staff and technical expertise, the company launched its first fiber lasers—the JK50FL and JK100FL—in 2007. In addition to Nd:YAG and fiber lasers, JK Lasers now manufactures CO2 lasers, process tools and software. 

Mark Greenwood, general manager of JK Lasers, said: “The rebrand to JK Lasers is an important step for us. It is a return to our roots; a recognition of our long and successful history. JK Lasers is not a newcomer to the market. We have been a leading light at the forefront of laser innovation for 40 years.”