Image Use Policy

Images from Optics & Photonics News

Images from OPN articles, columns and features are usually subject to copyright, and may not be reused for any commercial or public purpose without permission. Please see OSA's online terms of use for more information on the policy, and the OSA Publishing site for information on how to request permission.


Images from OPN Online Galleries

Images from OPN’s online image galleries are for educational use only and OSA does not authorize them for distribution outside of the OPN website. OSA DOES NOT CLAIM COPYRIGHT to these images.

The archive is primarily made up of copies of photographs received from various sources, including OSA members, their families and colleagues, and institutions, with the understanding that OPN will display them on its website and in the magazine for educational purposes.

The origin of many of the photos is unclear. If we have any idea who holds copyright, we try to provide that information in the credit line that accompanies the image. Responsibility for clearing copyright for publication or public display remains with applicant. The credit line must be included with any use of an image.  Please contact us at if you have any questions or if you have any additional information about the photos displayed or their copyright owners; this will enable us to make any needed corrections.

You might find this page helpful:, as it discusses use of materials in the classroom, and also this page, as it shows when items enter the public domain.