OPN was at this year’s Frontiers in Optics (FiO) meeting in Washington, D.C. On this page, we’ve collected our dispatches from the meeting, as well as a roundup article from our November 2017 print issue.

You can also find content from the meeting at OSA’s YouTube channel, the society’s public-affairs newsroom, and the FIO/LS blog.

FiO 2017 Roundup

Science + Applications = FiO+LS 2017

Fittingly, the first annual meeting of OSA’s second century embarked on a new, future-oriented path. [OPN Print, November 2017]


OSA Annual Meeting Collage: Key to Images

Captions for the photo collage in our November 2017 FiO roundup.

Optics in Computing

Optical Interconnects in Data Centers: What’s Next?

At FiO 2017, IBM’s Marc Taubenblatt sketched out some possible optical solutions for handling the “astounding rate” of data traffic growth. [21 September, 16:00]


Quantum Technology: The Business Side

In a “Visionary Speakers” keynote at FiO 2017, TOPTICA’s Wilhelm Kaenders reflected on the commercial and government dynamics that will drive quantum applications. [20 September, 16:50]


In Advocating for Science, Are We “Communicating the Wrong Things”?

When talking about science to the public, argued AAAS CEO Rush Holt at FiO 2017, we need to focus on science as a process, not just a stream of facts. [20 September, 14:30]


Prospecting the Coming Automotive Revolution

A plenary address and a freewheeling discussion at FiO 2017 highlighted the vast opportunities, and challenges, for self-driving cars and other emergent automotive technologies. [19 September, 15:50]


Self-Driving Cars: A Complex Photonic Supply Chain

At FiO 2017, manufacturing expert highlights some significant process and workforce issues in the drive toward autonomous vehicles. [18 September, 18:50]

Augmented Reality

From VR and AR to “Mixed Reality”

What will it take to bring augmented and virtual reality together? Scott McEldowney of Oculus explored the question in a “Visionary Speakers” talk at FiO 2017. [18 September, 13:10]

OSA Affairs

OSA Headquarters Gets a New Nameplate

First day of FiO 2017 includes official dedication of building in honor of Jarus W. Quinn. [17 September, 18:30]

Women in Science

Fixing the Leaky Pipeline

Second “Global Women of Light” symposium suggests that some keys to keeping women in science and engineering lie in information, networking—and an entrepreneurial approach. [17 September, 13:00]