Book Reviews

  • Handbook of Optical Sensors

    Jose Luis Santos and Faramarz Farahi, Eds. | 30 April 2015 | Review by Albert C. Claus

    The editors provide a modern, comprehensive overview of optical sensors. read more  

  • Introduction to Imaging from Scattered Fields

    Michael A. Fiddy and R. Shane Ritter | 23 April 2015 | Review by Christian Brosseau

    The central objective of this text is to present an overview of the generic problem of determining information about an object by measuring its scattered field. read more  

  • Photopolymers: Photoresist Materials, Processes and Applications

    Kenichiro Nakamura | 16 April 2015 | Review by Dejan Pantelić

    I don’t think that this is a good first book for a physicist interested in photolithography and corresponding photosensitive materials. This book is probably a better fit for a chemist who wants to learn the physical principles of optical lithographic techniques. read more  

  • Optical Imaging and Aberrations, Part III: Wavefront Analysis

    Virendra N. Mahajan | 09 April 2015 | Review by Daniel Malacara-Hernández

    Vini Mahajan’s recent publication has a wonderful description of orthonormal polynomials, quite useful in the analysis of optical systems with various entrance pupils. read more  

  • Advanced Concepts in Quantum Mechanics

    Giampiero Esposito, Giuseppe Marmo, Gennaro Miele, George Sudarshan | 02 April 2015 | Review by Barry R. Masters

    This excellent, clear textbook is intended for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. read more  

  • Lasers and Electro-Optics: Fundamentals and Engineering, 2nd ed.

    Christopher C. Davis | 26 March 2015 | Review by Barry R. Masters

    I recommend this textbook because of its pedagogical excellence. The author is an experimentalist and an experienced teacher. read more  

  • An Introduction to Practical Laboratory Optics

    J.F. James | 19 March 2015 | Review by George Fischer

    Reading technical books is often compared to eating our vegetables, but J.F. James writes so well and includes so many personal and historical lessons-learned that I had difficulty putting this book down. read more  

  • Atoms in Intense Laser Fields

    C.J. Joachain, N.J. Kylstra and R.M. Potvliege | 12 March 2015 | Review by Daniela Dragoman

    This is a timely book because high-power laser infrastructures displaying impressive parameters are presently built in several different locations around the world. read more  

  • Condensed Matter Optical Spectroscopy: An Illustrated Introduction

    Iulian Ionita | 05 March 2015 | Review by Mircea Dragoman

    This is a beautifully illustrated book, containing more than 200 figures, which introduces undergraduate students to theoretical and experimental issues of condensed matter spectroscopy. It is divided into five chapters. read more  

  • Modern Plasmonics

    A.A. Maradudin, J.R. Sambles and W.L. Barnes, eds. | 26 February 2015 | Review by Mark Fox

    This monograph provides an excellent introduction of the present state-of-the-art in the field of plasmonics at a level appropriate for graduate students and researchers. read more