This is a detailed and rigorous exposition of a specific class of optoelectronic devices: optoelectronic oscillators with either external electro-optic modulation or subject to direct modulation. Apart from interest in such devices in the optical domain, they are also highlighted as promising sources of microwave and mm-wave oscillations. Such devices have been of interest for several decades, but the widespread availability of quantum well laser diodes has stimulated greater activity in this area. These are presented as the functional core of such oscillators.

The authors carefully develop the theoretical principles underpinning operation and explain the experimental implementation, practical utilization and performance capabilities of this class of optoelectronic devices. Although the technical aspects of this book are treated with impressive care, one laments that the same attention was not given, at the editorial stage, to the linguistic accuracy of the text. The loss of Sergey Smolskiy prior to the book's publication would have been a personal tragedy for those involved in this work, as well as to the wider scientific community.

Review by K Alan Shore, Bangor University, School of Electronic Engineering, Wales, U.K.

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