This book focuses on the theory of graphene and other atomically thin materials. Its ten chapters are written by experts in the field.

The first four chapters, which are introductory, deal with electronic properties of 2D materials and van der Waals heterostructures based on them, as well as general concepts regarding quantum transport. Chapter 5 covers ballistic transport and the Klein tunneling phenomenon, while Chapter 6 explores quantum transport in disordered 2D materials. Subsequent chapters are dedicated to quantum Hall effects, spin-related effects, and ab-initio methods for 2D materials.

The book is very clearly written; experimental results are compared with theory, and an extensive reference list is provided. In addition, the problems at the end of each chapter offer the opportunity to test one’s gained knowledge. The book is dedicated to all scientists working in the area of atomically thin materials.

Review by Daniela Dragoman, full professor on the faculty of physics at the University of Bucharest, Romania.

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