Over 65 well-known scholars of laser science have contributed to the compilation of this big, authoritative and exhaustive handbook of laser summary data. The work lists the transitions of more than 15,000 laser wavelengths, from soft X-ray to mm-waves, along with wavelengths, laser element or medium, host, operating properties and primary literature citations.

The data are categorized according to the laser media, with 300 pages dedicated to solid-state lasers, 90 pages for liquid lasers, 500 pages for gas lasers and 150 pages for miscellaneous lasers. Entries are supplemented by explicatory comments (a total of 7,200 in 180 pages) and by references to original papers (1,850 in 80 pages).

This monumental handbook will be a unique reference for anyone working in the laser field, and serve as an archive of key reference data as well as an indicator of emerging trends.

Review by Silvano Donati, University of Pavia, Italy

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