I recommend these two concise, revised introductory textbooks because of their unique and exemplary features. The emphasis in Part II on engineering and applied physics, specifically on devices and systems, is unique.

The text is clearly written, fully illustrated with colored figures, and all symbols and SI units are defined and listed. The key terms are in boldface type and key equations are boxed. Variants in optics and electrical engineering are explained. The pedagogical features are excellent: numerous in-text exercises, reading lists organized by subjects, problem sets that augment the text, and a useful detailed index. The disparate but complementary teaching and research experience of both authors surfaces throughout the volumes. The topics are first presented in simple cases to introduce the physics, followed by more complex cases described by advanced mathematics. The modular format of the volume is helpful to match the diverse needs of different courses for seniors or first-year graduate students.

Review by Barry R. Masters, Fellow of AAAS, OSA and SPIE.

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