This is a tiny but complete and well-illustrated handbook of optical instruments and measurements—what the authors calle a crash course, “What is that thing?”-type guide, full of practical lab tips and tricks throughout the book.

This book contains five chapters, starting with a very precise and clear explanation of different optical phenomena. Fully covering ground-level knowledge for working in any optics lab, such as how to turn on and align a laser, the book includes descriptions of almost all optical lab components, starting with safety goggles, different light sources, optical tables, lenses, photodiodes, CCDs, and and cellphone optics. Chapter 3 is dedicated to spectroscopy and different techniques, from fluorescence to Raman spectroscopy to super-resolution microscopy, and includes data analysis techniques for optical measurement. Chapter 4 precisely describes different imaging techniques and optical microscopy. The last chapter of the book, a must-read chapter, is dedicated to building an optics lab from an empty room.

This guide is easy to understand and an invaluable resource as a must-have, day-to-day implementation handbook for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, researchers and professionals who perform optical research and measurement in laboratories.

Review by Ishtiaque Ahmed, Member IEEE, APS.

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