As part of a series in “Cellular and Clinical Imaging,” this book brings together a range of optical techniques for exploring biological samples.

After an introduction to basic ideas, the majority of the contributed chapters are grouped under two generic headings: Tracking of Biomolecules, and Beyond Live-Cell Tracking: Sensors for Diverse Applications. The latter theme incorporates aspects of activity-based probes for performing pharmacological drug screening and probing molecular processes in living animals. The volume is completed by two chapters on emerging techniques, namely Super-Resolution Imaging, and Imaging in Optoegenetics.

Among the wide range of techniques elucidated in this book are GTPase and kinase activities, membrane lipids, metal ions, metabolic signals and histone modifications. Relevant chapters are written by experts in their fields who collectively provide readers with the means for bringing state-of-the art optical probe technques into their research.

Review by K. Alan Shore, Bangor University, U.K.

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