Despite the catchy title, this brief book is a collection on high-frequency circuits and techniques, with little flow or connection. The two authors have considerable expertise in high-frequency design, having worked at some of the most prestigious companies in the industry. They describe the book as a resource for experienced designers and undergraduate students, but the level of the book will likely exceed that of most undergraduate students without industry experience.

Although starting with the basics of the spectrum utilization and transmission lines as covered in introductory undergraduate courses, the book jumps fairly abruptly into complex circuits, mainly of oscillators, but also of converters and sensors. The layout photos are all at the chip level, with no details at the CMOS layout level. Also missing from the chapters are application problems, which would be useful for a textbook.

The reference lists at the end of each chapter tend to be short and focused. A brief index at the end of the book helps with the navigation. Although possibly useful for an experienced practitioner, this book is unlikely to be useful to typical students, except maybe for some graduate courses.

Review by Bogdan Hoanca, a professor of management information systems at the University of Alaska Anchorage, USA.

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