This book encapsulates how self-focusing photo-sensitive media can be utilized to enable the automatic formation of self-aligned coupling optical waveguides. Such self-organized lightwave networks (SOLNETs) are offered as a low-cost, low-energy means to introduce lightguides into electronic systems.

In addition to presenting the principles of SOLNET operations, the author directs attention to their applications and highlights future challenges. While these ideas began life within Fujitsu, they were developed further by the author and his studnets at Tokyo University of Technology; the work of many of those students is referenced in the book.

The author’s interesting biodata indicates that, in addition to many high technical achievements, he is a musician in a rock group. One suspects he is rather unique within his musical fraternity as a leading scientist and certainly this is the first technical volume by a rock musician that the present reviewer has read!    

Review by K. Alan Shore, Bangor University, U.K.

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