The p-n junction is at the heart of many electronic devices. However, challenges arise when making nanoscale devices that need to switch doping from n-type to p-type within a few nanometers. In 2010, it was demonstrated that such issues could be obviated by the adoption of a novel technology, junctionless field-effect transistors (JLFETs).

This book provides an introduction and comprehensive treatment of analytical models for two specific forms of JLFETs. Given how recently this technology was initiated, it is not surprising that this is the first book to do so.

Researchers in the field will welcome this one-stop source of JLFET modeling techniques and will no doubt form the main audience for this book. One hopes that some enterprising professors may incorporate elements from this volume alongside their traditional treatments of electronic devices to give their students a glimpse of a fast-developing field soon after its inception. 

Review by K. Alan Shore, Bangor University, U.K.

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