This is one of a few books that focus on the connections between information and optics.

The first nine chapters have an introductory character, explaining the relations between optics and signal analysis and processing, entropy and information, image restoration and information, optical coherence and its significance and exploitation in signal processing.

The next seven chapters of the book are dedicated to advanced issues related to optical information processing, such as wavelet transforms, pattern recognition, computation, optical communication, and synthetic radar imaging. The last two chapters are dedicated to the elusive concept of time in connection to electromagnetic fields and time-space quantum entanglement.

The book is written in an accessible manner, with many examples, references and explanatory figures. It should be read and pondered upon by anybody working in optics, since it reveals many unexpected connections between information, entropy, optics and the ultimate physical mysteries of space and time.

Review by Daniela Dragoman, University of Bucharest, Romania

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