Thermoplasmonics, which concerns the heating of metal nano-particles with light, has rapidly evolved over the last decade or so. Remarkably, this opens opportunities for research and applications in a very broad range of areas, stretching from nano-optics to biomedicine via chemistry and fluid dynamics.
This book, the first in the subject area, guides the reader through basic concepts and then develops the subject with sample applications in drug and gene therapy, heat-assisted magnetic recording and photo-acoustic imaging, to name but three. The book is directed at readers from a range of backgrounds including physics, chemistry and biology.
The author has been instrumental in developing this field and hence is able to identify accurately and explain clearly the key aspects of the subject. Readers of this book will be fully equipped to enter this field of activity and contribute to its growth. Indeed, perhaps anticipating future contributions from its readers, the author already talks of the likely need for a second edition of this book in the preface. 
Review by K. Alan Shore, Bangor University, U.K.

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