This book is accurately and informatively sub-titled “Basics of Lighting Technologies and Applications.” With the aid of many color illustrations, the author surveys available sources of light—in the everyday sense of that word.
Prior to treating an impressive range of light sources, the author offers a short introduction to light and vision. A glossary of lighting terms acts as a support to this introduction. Thereafter, the reader may browse a catalogue of light sources from incandescent lamps through to lasers. In addressing “Applications,” the author draws a distinction between primary technologies for which applications have been identified and secondary technologies for which clear markets have not emerged.
A feature of this second edition of the book is that considerable emphasis is given to identifying choices of lighting for target applications, including illuminating spaces—both indoors and outdoors. The role of light sources in relation to health issues offers some interesting insights.
Finally, the author indicates that no currently available light source meets his definition of an ideal light source. Hopefully, future light technologists will devise a source that comes very close to that ideal.
Review by K. Alan Shore, Bangor University, U.K.

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