The field of nonlinear optics (NLO) developed soon after the discovery of lasers in 1960. At that time we learned about NLO by reading research papers and working out the details on our own. Since then, a number of good textbooks on NLO have been published. Nonlinear Optics: A Student’s Perspective stands out among many, however, because of its low price.
This book places emphasis on fundamentals and applies them to basic topics. It includes the introduction of second quantization and how it can be applied to Feynman-like diagrams for calculating nonlinear susceptibilities. The author has integrated some programming into the book for modeling nonlinear-optical processes, which the readers will find instructive and fun too. This volume is ideal as an inexpensive textbook or as a reference, and can be used for self-study.
Review by Reva Garg, Institute of Physics, University of Brasilia, Brazil.
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