This is a book dedicated to the applications of plasmonics (the propagation of electromagnetic fields in nanosized structures) in high-resolution imaging, which is a hot topic in optics.

The book is divided into three main parts, with the first part (chapters 1-3) dealing with plasmonic concepts and devices for super-resolution in microscopy, such as superlenses, metalenses and hyperlenses. The second part of the book (chapters 4-9) is dedicated to applications of plasmonics in various imaging methods such as structured illumination microscopy, stimulated emission depletion microscopy, and single-molecule spectroscopy. The last part of the book (chapters 10-12) is dedicated to applications in nanotechnology, plasmonic coloring and bioimaging.

The book is written by experts in the field, is beautifully illustrated, and is a must for anyone interested in modern topics in optics.

Review by Daniela Dragoman, University of Bucharest, Romania

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