Nanomaterials have the salient characteristic that their properties depend on dimensions on the nanometric scale. Colloidal quantum dots offer a particularly convenient means for accessing a wide range of optical properties with potential applications across several disciplines. The key point here is that their electrical and optical properties can be tuned using the dimensions of the quantum dots.
This book considers colloidal semiconductor quantum dots in detail while also addressing metallic quantum dots. With a view to achieving tunability, specific attention is given to interfaces and surfaces. The book has a wide dynamic range, including introductions to the basic properties of quantum dots as well as leading-edge experimental research results. The book is well illustrated and contains many references to the literature. One specific feature of the book is a new model for intermittency in photoluminescence (that is, blinking). The advances made in this respect offer new applications of blinking in sensing and super-resolution microscopy.
Review by K. Alan Shore, Bangor University, U.K.

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