Fiber optic sensing technology makes calls on diverse fields including optics, sensing, micromachining, instrumentation, physics and materials science. It is therefore a considerable challenge to provide an introductory text that can marry these disciplines into a coherent narrative. Yet, the authors of this book have met that challenge with flying colors.

The authors manage to include—in less than 200 pages—the operating principles and fabrication methods of a full range of Fabry-Pérot fiber optic sensor structures. Additionally, the authors address state-of-the art applications.

Clear and informative figures, along with other illustrations, support the text. One illustration depicts a bridge being monitored by four sensors measuring its structural health. Others depict gas sensors in the oil and gas industries, or those that measure the attenuation of acoustic waves in water. Lastly, the authors point to further opportunities in biomedical applications. All these (and more) provide an impetus for learning about such sensors, and this book is a one-stop shop for that purpose.

K. Alan Shore, Bangor University, U.K.

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