Fiber lasers have been adopted quickly by the relatively conservative industrial-laser community, because the technology’s performance level has improved while its costs have dropped—in part due to the lower cost of components such as high-power pump laser diodes in higher volumes. Thus the fiber laser has transformed from a research curiosity to a major force in modern manufacturing.
This book comprehensively covers the basics, technology and applications of fiber lasers, including up-to-date developments in both academia and industry. It describes the different fiber-based lasers such as various high-power continuous-wave lasers and ultrafast fiber lasers for a wide area of applications. This book is a useful guide for graduate students and engineers who are entering the complex and rapidly developing field of fiber lasers, and is a valuable reference for scientists who are new to fiber lasers or for veterans in the field.
Review by Lisa Tongning Li, Livermore, Calif., USA.

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