This superbly organized graduate-level textbook fills the gap between general texts on optics of solids and handbooks of luminescence spectroscopy. Covering everything from basic principles to experimental methods, the authors explain well the spectroscopy of excited processes in both bulk and nanostructured materials. The fundamental theory is presented via an intuitive and semi-classical perspective, instead of a rigorous quantum-mechanical treatment—thus yielding an accessible introduction to the topic.

By covering fundamentals and providing a rich background of figures, examples and problems, the book is a perfect companion for graduate students of physics, optics, optoelectronics and materials science. This book will prove to be an indispensable resource to the graduate-level teacher, and should also find its place as a standard read of many optoelectronic research labs.

Review by Marko Spasenović, Assistant Research Professor, Institute of Physics in Belgrade, Serbia

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