This English translation of Understanding Solid State Physics—originally written by the late author—has been largely extended and updated, based on the rapid development in materials science, nanochemistry and solid-state physics. A broad readership could benefit from this book, including graduate students and scientists involved with solid-state matter.

Beyond the standard discussion on crystal structures and diffraction, the author also includes neutron diffraction and quantum Hall effects. Some readers may be interested in the treatment and problems focused on atomic vibrations and lattice specific heat in particular, as well as metals in connection with advancement in band theory. The coverage of band theory includes useful problems and solutions for semiconductors and insulators.

This up-to-date edition also includes novel material like graphene. The reader will benefit from the extended commentaries and solutions to each posed problem. This highly recommendable text provides an integrated approach through a large number of solved problems with commentaries.

Review by Axel Mainzer Koenig, CEO, 21st Century Data Analysis, Portland, Ore., USA 

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