This book is part of the Springer Theses series that recognizes outstanding Ph.D. research, and as such represents the cutting edge on the topic of imaging the full electromagnetic field of nanostructures. This is one of the first theses on the subject of methods to map, with nanoscale resolution, the three spatial components of both the electric and magnetic field of light around nanostructures. It thus deserves the attention of experts as well as those curious about the full interaction of light with nanostructures, especially in reference to metal nanostructures and plasmonics.

On the downside, apart from a very clear introduction of plasmonics, near-field probing and magnetic-field measurements, there is little in the book outside of what has already been published in the author’s journal publications. Still, researchers entering the field will benefit from its systematic approach and comprehensive reference list.

Review by Marko Spasenović, Assistant Research Professor, Institute of Physics in Belgrade, Serbia

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