There are a number of books on nonlinear optics—Govind P. Agarwal’s textbook being the most famous. This book, however, is an edited volume that can be used as a resource in graduate courses. It primarily covers a broad range of topics and advances in nonlinear optical fibers. The book represents an international effort to communicate this topic.
Starting with a basic article on the subject and continuing on to the frontiers—traversing the field from basic physics to applications, and including areas such as optical solitons, rogue waves, symmetries, Bose-Einstein condensates and atom optics, metamaterials and quantum field theory analogies—multiple experts cover extensive ground in more than 20 chapters and nearly 570 pages. Some chapters assume that the reader is familiar with the basics, but regardless, chapters are well illustrated with good reference lists. Overall, it is a good book on nonlinear fibers covering basic theory and applications.
Review by Vengu Lakshminarayanan, University of Waterloo, Canada

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