This book focuses on an idea that has tremendously affected optical-fiber communications: transmitting the analytical signal—that is, amplitude and phase—instead of just power. The concept has ignited the massive use of digital signal processing (DSP) for impairment compensation and polarization tracking, and has also revived coherent detection, which is useful not just for sensitivity increase but also for increased spectral efficiency.

The 16 uniform and coordinated chapters—written by as many specialists—cover all the aspects of modern high-spectral-efficiency systems. The volume covers both theories and up-to-date technologies, starting with modulation formats and proceeding through detection and error correction technologies, spectral-efficiency multiplexing, polarization and nonlinear impairment, timing synchronization and carrier phase recovery, DSP algorithms, photonics integration, and performance monitoring.

The book offers valuable, comprehensive coverage of modern technologies for high-spectral-efficiency fiber optic communications systems enabled by DSP and coherent signal handling.

Review by Silvano Donati, Engineering Faculty, University of Pavia, Italy

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