This beautiful book, part of a series of Very Short Introductions, offers a quick exploration of all things related to light. Being pocket-size (just smaller than a mini tablet), this book offers only a very high-level overview of topics. Old and modern concepts alike are given a few pages each, with some helpful figures and charts, and with only the most essential equations.

There is not enough of a gradual buildup of concepts for this to be considered a textbook, nor is there the comprehensive conciseness of a quick reference guide. However, this volume would work as a general reminder to somebody who wants the Cliff Notes on light. The two-page list of references includes many classics, both technical and nontechnical. For a book of this size, an index might seem superfluous, but it does prove to be useful.

The best way to describe this volume is as the equivalent of a book of poems, but about light concepts: not for studying, but to enjoy on the go.

Review by Bogdan Hoanca, University of Alaska Anchorage, USA.

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