This book, with contributions from several authors, deals with a wide range of photonics and electronics issues. After a short introduction, the following two chapters focus on periodic and aperiodic photonic crystals. Chapter four is about disorder photonics. A few electronics applications, like using nanowires for THz detection, are discussed in chapter five. Chapter six is dedicated to optomechanics. Chapters seven through 10 deal with optoelectronic applications of quantum dots, silicon lasers and photonic ring resonators for biosensing.

All chapters end with an extensive list of references and are beautifully illustrated.

Although the individual contributions to the book are highly valuable, the book lacks an overall coherence and is thus a collection of various topics and issues, with only a few topics receiving in-depth coverage. The best way to use this book might be to download the chapter you are interested in and read them carefully.

Review by Daniela Dragoman, University of Bucharest, Romania. 

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