Tunability is probably the most important functionality of micro-optics, and this book presents a survey of the state-of-the-art of this multifaceted technology—a technology rapidly progressing toward mass product applications.

The book contains 17 chapters written by recognized specialists and is organized in three parts: introduction; device and materials; and systems and applications. The chapters cover several topics, including tunable liquid lenses, solid elastomeric lenses, piezo actuated microlenses, MEMS scanners for OCT, adaptive scanning micro-eye, hyperspectral eye and plenoptic cameras.

The book offers a valuable and up-to-date collection of contributions orienting the researcher in the ample field of micro-optics. It would be useful for informing new design choices and ways to tap the capabilities of this new technology.

Review by Silvano Donati, University of Pavia, Italy

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