This book is vitiated by a plethora of errors. There are problems with the language and the figures, there is no index. The authors use nonstandard mathematical notation and there are many critical lacunae in the explanations of the physics and the instruments. There is also a lack of discussion of the limitations of each microscopy method.  This is inconsistent with the authors’ claim that their colleagues critically reviewed the chapters. The intended audience consists of students (level not stated), scientists, engineers and experts in bioimaging. It begins with the fundamentals of the physics of light, electromagnetic theory and the radiation field, then proceeds to photophysics and the techniques of fluorescence microscopy. The authors state that their book borrows from standard texts, but I find little added pedagogical value in their discussion of the mathematics, physics or instrumentation.

Review by Barry R. Masters, Fellow of AAAS, OSA and SPIE.
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