While there are a number of books available on micro-optics, this volume is the first with a strong emphasis on tunable, liquid microlenses. It provides an excellent overview of liquid lens materials and driving techniques, resulting in micro-optics with tunable focal lengths and the possibility of integration with microfluidic devices. However, many of the methods of liquid lens driving are presented with only a brief background on the underlying principles (like dielectrophoresis and electrowetting). For the uninitiated, there is an introduction which deals with classical, solid microlenses. It even covers very basic concepts like the refractive index and Snell’s law. The book is modern, with numerous up-to-date references. I recommend it particularly for those already involved in micro-optics who would like to expand their research into tunable optics.
Review by Dejan Pantelić, Institute of Physics, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

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