The author has provided an excellent, concise and up-to-date reference on the treatment of transmission lines which covers equivalent circuit techniques, electromagnetic theory and photons.
This accessible reference is intended for students, scientist and engineering professionals working with transmission line models and photonics. Each chapter includes a number of examples with solutions. The coverage of electromagnetic theory also includes electromagnetic waves in dielectric waveguides. The sections on attenuation in transmission lines provide the reader with access to lossy lines, skin effect and pulse distortion. Introductory chapters on photonics include examples from coaxial cables and thin resistive films. Complex modes, metamaterial and photonic bandgap materials are also brought to the reader’s attention. This book should be well received by a wide readership.

Review by Axel Mainzer Koenig, CEO, 21st Century Data Analysis, a division of Koenig & Associates, Inc. Portland, Ore., U.S.A.

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