This book describes the latest developments in the field of optical communication systems and network design and engineering. It is divided into three parts: tools and methods; implementations; and the logical layer. The first part presents modeling approaches and simulation tools mainly for the physical layer (including transmission effects, devices, subsystems and systems). Particularly noteworthy is the fact that modeling and simulation methods in software tools from leading vendors (such as VPI Systems, RSoft and Optiwave) are covered. The part on implementations captures the relevant problems and challenges from short range to longer range systems such as optical interconnects, in-building systems and radio-over-fiber systems. The final part presents mostly networking issues related to the design of provisioning and survivability algorithms for impairment-aware and multi-domain networks.
This book will be useful to research scientists and engineers, as well as university professors who want to know how to more efficiently design and engineer optical communication systems.

Review by Ishtiaque Ahmed.

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