This interesting and inspiring book is a collection of articles on specific applications in optical imaging of cells and tissues. Except for a short introduction to phase contrast and differential interference microscopy, the main body of the book is devoted to biomedical applications of digital holographic microscopy. The book includes different techniques used to measure the refractive index, track cell movement or image the cell volume—all without any contrasting agents. Phase imaging is understood in a broad sense and related techniques of super-resolution, polarization and optical coherence microscopy are described in a concise but very informative manner. As inherent in all books written by so many authors (almost 50), it lacks a coherent and systematic approach to the subject. That doesn’t reduce the overall value of the book, but limits its intended audience to experienced researchers, rather than novices or students.

Review by Dejan Pantelić, Institute of Physics, Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia.

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