It is first necessary to indicate that I do not have a family connection with the author of this book. With that disclaimer in place, this book is a remarkable volume. It offers a clear approach to the theoretical basis of coherent interactions between light and matter on the quantum scale. This book has exemplary clarity of exposition, which is no doubt a result of the 30 years of research undertaken by the author. Indeed, he is one of the pioneering explorers of the field.
The book begins with a succinct explanation of its aim, including a clear indication of the limits of its approaches. It ends with an outline of theoretical techniques that are available for advancing further in the subject area. Sandwiched between those chapters is all the material one needs to engage actively in the field. The core material is supplemented by several appendices that detail key concepts. The target audience for the book is advanced undergraduates and researchers. Although this volume will be accessible to the former, perhaps the latter will be the greater beneficiaries of the author’s prodigious efforts in making this body of knowledge available.

Review by K. Alan Shore, Bangor University, School of Electronic Engineering, Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom.
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