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Gaussian Wave Packets in Resonant Diffraction Gratings

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Microresonators for Integrated Optical Devices

Vector Description of a Realistic Photonic Crystal Fiber

Large Mode Area Photonic Crystal Fiber

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Control of Broad-area Optical Devices: Patterns to Order

Three-dimensional Spatial Electro-optical Correlator

Diffraction Tomography of Strongly Scattering Objects Based on Homomorphic Filtering

Application of Smart Pixels to Optical Implementation of the Wavelet Transform

Dark Incoherent Solitons

Splitting Light Beams with Light Itself

Another Twist of Light: Soliton Collisions in Bulk Media

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Frequency-resolved Optical Gating Characterization of 4.5-fs Pulses

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Two-dimensional Near-field and Far-field Imaging of a Ne-like Ar Capillary Discharge Table-top Soft X-ray Laser